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Moore Signings


Moore Signings


Mobile Notary Services 

When you need the convenience of a Notary meeting you at your home or place of business to notarize important documents, call Moore Signings.  

Common Documents we notarize: 

  • Wills and Trusts 
  • Loan Documents 
  • Retirement Savings Documents 
  • Grant Deed 
  • Power of Attorney 
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive 
  • Vehicle Transfer Applications 

 Grant Deed Recording 

We will meet the Grantors, notarize the Deed, and record it along with the other required paperwork, with the County Recorder’s Office. 

 Real Estate and Loan Documents 

We notarize Loan Documents and are familiar with receiving and printing loan packages from Escrow and Title companies for signers.  

 Training and Certifications: Notary2Pro, Signing Agent Basics, Sign and Thrive training. 

 Hospital Notary Service 

We make Notary service calls to patients and their families. We have experience with notarizing documents at the patient’s bedside. Here is a list of questions to answer when requesting hospital notary services: 

  • Will the patient have a current Driver’s License or Government ID? 
  • Is the patient aware? 
  • Is the patient medicated, and if so, will a nurse or doctor allow them to sign? 
  • Can the patient sign their name unassisted? 
  • Skilled Nursing Hospitals will require an Ombudsman to sign Advanced Healthcare Directives and Powers of Attorney prior to Notarization 
  • What type of document is the patient signing? 

Having these questions answered before the Notary arrives will make the patient’s experience much better. 

 Jail Notary Service 

We provide Notary Services to Jail Inmates and their Families. As an approved Essential Services vendor to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, we can provide Jail notarizations 7 days a week to any of its incarceration facilities. We also serve jails in Long Beach and Orange County. 

Some common documents for Jail Notarizations are: 

  • Power of Attorney 
  • Real Estate Documents 
  • Temporary Custody of Minors 
  • Vehicle Release